Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricanes, also known as cyclones, are giant, powerful and dangerous storms that form in summer and fall. Warm moist air raises from hot spots and the storm gathers speed throughout time as it moves along the ocean. It rotates around the eye. The eye is the center of the hurricane and is the calmest part of it.
I have been reading the newspaper "Direct Matin" and found out about hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew is a category 5 hurricane, that means it travels 156mph. Matthew has been traveling through the Caribbean and hit the North American coast. President Barack Obama ordered urgent evacuations. Their objectif was to move 1,1 million people who were situated at least 150 kilometers from the coast.  Certain zones in Haiti were hit badly. What surprised me most was that Cuba announced that there had been no casualties after the hurricane passed. Each year they do a hurricane drill and everyone is well prepared for the hurricane season. Many countries will take their example.
In Haiti the deadly hurricane destroyed thousands of homes, caused flash floods, and killed hundreds of people. 900,000 kids were affected by this catastrophe. Nearly 16,000 people are living in shelters, many schools stopped working and making safe clean water is now a top priority to stop cholera. All donations made will be  for ressources such as food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter.  

To help, you can support a number of organizations such as:

Global Giving
"Dozens of GlobalGiving's partners are responding in Haiti, the Bahamas, and the United States. Donations to GlobalGiving's relief fund will support locally driven relief and recovery efforts on the ground across the impacted areas."
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NPH International
Your support funds the basics needed for our children to grow, as well as all of those things a child needs to really flourish.
Imagine the good fortune of these children who were born into a life of desperation, and now have unlimited possibilities.
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UNICEF, United States Fund
"UNICEF can meet children's needs on many fronts — quickly, effectively and efficiently. Donate now to help UNICEF take rapid, lifesaving action for children and their families suffering from this terrible storm. 90% of every dollar spent goes directly to assist children."
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