New Project Takes Off

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Project of Grandir Ensemble

Grandir Ensemble was created in 1985. Its missions are to feed, educate, care for and accompany children in slums in Latin America. The center is in Medellin (Colombia), and they have a new project.

Currently, 30 to 35 children can come to the center. Grandir Ensemble has a financial extension project for the center of Santa Cruz in Medellin and to build a new school for 70/75 children from 12 years.

  • 1 euro donated to Grandir Ensemble  is a euro used in the center for 2 meals per day for one child and to build the new school.

"It is also amazing the determination of the parents, children and collaborators. Mothers help make lunch and the fathers help with the labor so that children can go to the center to learn and have a better future." - tell us students from middle school.

"The children are the future of this world. Give them the chance to have a better future!"
-Grandir Ensemble

To learn more about Grandir Ensemble go to:

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